As a book writer looking to sell digital products on Etsy, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Here are ten best-seller digital products that have been successful on Etsy:

Creative Writing Sparklers: A diverse collection of writing prompts and story starters to inspire creativity and help writers overcome writer’s block.

Price Range: $7-$15

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: WritingPrompts, StoryStarters, CreativeWriting

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides inspiration and ideas for writers of all levels.
  • Helps stimulate creativity and improve writing skills.
  • Encourages consistent writing practice.

Pro Book Cover Kit: A set of professionally designed book cover templates that authors can customize for their self-published books.

Price Range: $12-$25

Format: PSD (Photoshop)

Etsy Tag: BookCoverTemplates, SelfPublishing, AuthorResources

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves authors money on hiring a professional designer.
  • Allows customization to match the book’s genre and style.
  • Helps create visually appealing and marketable book covers.

Polished Prose Editing: Editing and proofreading services for authors seeking to refine and perfect their manuscripts before publication.

Price Range: Varies based on word count and services offered.

Etsy Tag: EditingServices, ManuscriptProofreading, EditorialHelp

Why People Buy This:

  • Authors can receive professional feedback and corrections.
  • Ensures a polished and error-free final manuscript.
  • Helps improve the overall quality of the book.

Author Portfolio Pro: Ready-to-use website templates designed specifically for authors to showcase their books, writing, and engage with their readers.

Price Range: $25-$50

Format: HTML/CSS

Etsy Tag: AuthorWebsite, BookPromotion, WriterPortfolio

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides authors with an online platform to promote their work.
  • Saves time and effort in creating a professional website.
  • Allows customization to match the author’s branding.

Book Marketing Masterclass: A comprehensive guide for authors on how to effectively market and promote their books, including tips for online and offline strategies.

Price Range: $15-$30

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: BookMarketing, AuthorPromotion, SelfPublishingGuide

Why People Buy This:

  • Helps authors reach a wider audience and increase book sales.
  • Offers valuable insights and practical marketing techniques.
  • Saves authors time and money on trial and error.

Character Creator’s Toolbox: Worksheets and templates to assist writers in developing well-rounded and compelling characters for their stories.

Price Range: $8-$15

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: CharacterDevelopment, WriterToolbox, FictionWritingAid

Why People Buy This:

  • Guides writers in creating believable and relatable characters.
  • Enhances the depth and complexity of storytelling.
  • Saves time in organizing character details.

Literary Inspiration Gallery: A collection of digital wall art featuring quotes and illustrations inspired by famous authors and classic literature.

Price Range: $7-$18

Format: JPG

Etsy Tag: LiteraryArtPrints, BookLoverDecor, InspirationalQuotes

Why People Buy This:

  • Adds literary charm to home or office decor.
  • Perfect for book lovers and avid readers.
  • Instant download for quick and easy decoration.

Ebook Formatting Made Easy: Pre-designed templates to format and layout ebooks professionally, compatible with major ebook platforms.

Price Range: $10-$20

Format: Word or InDesign templates

Etsy Tag: EbookFormatting, SelfPublishingAid, DigitalBookDesign

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves authors time and effort in ebook formatting.
  • Ensures ebooks look polished and well-structured.
  • Compatible with popular ebook publishing platforms.

Creative Writing Crash Course: A digital course or workshop that provides aspiring writers with comprehensive lessons on storytelling, character development, and writing techniques.

Price Range: $30-$75

Format: Video lessons or PDF materials

Etsy Tag: WritingCourse, StorytellingWorkshop, WriterEducation

Why People Buy This:

  • Offers valuable guidance and feedback for writers.
  • Provides a structured learning experience.
  • Encourages continuous improvement in writing skills.

Book Lover’s Journal: A kit that includes printable reading logs, book review templates, and reading challenges for book enthusiasts.

Price Range: $7-$15

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: BookJournal, ReadingTracker, LiteratureLovers

Why People Buy This:

  • Helps readers keep track of their reading journey.
  • Encourages reflection and thoughtful analysis of books.
  • A fun and engaging way to immerse in literature.

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