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  • How to Download an Image from Canva-Snag That Canva Image in a Jiffy!

    How to Download an Image from Canva

    1. Pick what you want to save:
      Just click and drag over the stuff you want, or hold Shift and click on each element to grab a bunch at once. Think of it like rounding up your favorite things.
    2. Group it up (optional):
      If you snagged a bunch of things, you can make things easier by hitting “Group” in the options. Like putting all your groceries in one bag.
    3. Find the magic dots:
      Look in the top corner for three dots (…). That’s your secret code for more options. Click on that.
    4. Download time!:
      See an option that says “Download selection”? That’s your golden ticket. Click it!
    5. Pick your flavor:
      Canva can save your image in a few different formats, like JPG or PNG. Choose the one that works best for you.
    6. And… poof!:
      Your image is downloaded and ready to use! Canva is pretty awesome, right? Now you can go show off your creation to the world!
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