Opening an Etsy shop for your Swimwear Store can be an exciting way to diversify your offerings and tap into a different market. Here are 10 best-selling products and services you can consider selling

Offer a variety of stylish and trendy swimwear designs for men, women, and children, catering to different body types and preferences.

Provide a range of beach cover-ups and sarongs that can be paired with your swimwear, offering customers stylish options for lounging by the pool or strolling on the beach.

Offer high-quality beach towels featuring unique designs, along with beach bags, sun hats, and other beach accessories.

Provide a customization service where customers can request personalized embroidery or prints on their swimwear, adding a personal touch to their beachwear.

Create care packages that include products for maintaining swimwear, such as gentle detergent, fabric protectors, and swimwear-friendly accessories.

Consider offering a line of sustainable swimwear made from eco-friendly materials, appealing to environmentally-conscious customers.

Expand your product range to include resort wear items like maxi dresses, kaftans, and breezy resort outfits that complement your swimwear.

Offer a subscription service where customers receive new swimwear pieces regularly, catering to those who love to stay up-to-date with the latest styles.

Design and sell swimwear suitable for special occasions like beach weddings, honeymoon trips, or bachelorette parties.

Provide virtual or in-person fitting and styling consultations, helping customers find the perfect swimwear for their body type and style preferences.


Starting an Etsy shop for your Swimwear Store can be a great way to expand your offerings and reach a new audience. Here are 10 popular digital products and services that have the potential to be best-sellers on Etsy:

Create and sell digital sewing patterns for various types of swimwear, catering to different body shapes and sizes.

Design and offer downloadable digital invitations for beach or pool parties, perfect for customers looking to host swimwear-themed events.

Curate a collection of stylish summer outfits featuring your swimwear designs and offer them as a downloadable lookbook.

Offer virtual styling sessions where customers can book one-on-one consultations to find the perfect swimwear to suit their body type and style preferences.

Create and sell digital guides on how to properly care for different types of swimwear fabrics and designs.

Design downloadable checklists to help customers pack for their beach vacations, including essentials like swimwear, sunscreen, and accessories.

Offer a service where customers can fill out a questionnaire, and you provide personalized swimwear recommendations based on their preferences and body measurements.

Create and sell digital workout routines tailored for swimmers, promoting the benefits of staying active while enjoying the water.

Design and offer digital photo editing presets tailored for beach and swimwear photography, allowing customers to enhance their vacation pictures.

Create digital templates that customers can use to design their custom swimwear, whether for personal use or potential collaboration with your store.


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