As a photographer, you can leverage your skills and creativity to create digital products that cater to a wide range of audiences on Etsy. Here are ten best-selling digital products ideas:

A collection of professionally designed Lightroom presets for various photography styles and genres.

Price Range: $15-$35

Format: ZIP file containing .xmp presets

Etsy Tag: LightroomPresets

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves time and enhances photo editing with one-click presets.
  • Offers consistency and a cohesive look across their photography portfolio.
  • Provides professional-grade editing without the need for extensive knowledge.

A selection of high-quality printable wall art, including landscapes, portraits, and abstract art.

Price Range: $10-$30

Format: JPEG and PDF files

Etsy Tag: PrintableWallArt

Why People Buy This:

  • Allows buyers to instantly decorate their home or office space with beautiful artwork.
  • Flexible sizing options for printing and framing to suit individual preferences.
  • Affordable and customizable art options.

An in-depth e-book that guides aspiring photographers on mastering manual mode and improving their photography skills.

Price Range: $20-$40

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: PhotographyGuide

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides valuable knowledge and practical tips for improving photography.
  • Helps beginners gain confidence in using manual mode and taking creative control.
  • Digital format allows for easy access on various devices.

A set of eye-catching Instagram story templates for photographers to showcase their work and engage with their audience.

Price Range: $8-$20

Format: JPEG and PSD files

Etsy Tag: InstaStoryTemplates

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves time in designing engaging and professional-looking Instagram stories.
  • Customizable templates to add personal branding elements and style.
  • Helps photographers maintain a consistent and visually appealing social media presence.

An e-guide with tips and techniques for capturing breathtaking travel photographs.

Price Range: $15-$30

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: TravelPhotographyGuide

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides expert advice on composition, lighting, and capturing unique travel moments.
  • Encourages exploration and creativity in travel photography.
  • Can help photographers take their travel images to the next level.

A set of customizable photo calendar templates for each month of the year.

Price Range: $10-$25

Format: JPEG and PDF files

Etsy Tag: PhotoCalendars

Why People Buy This:

  • Enables customers to create personalized photo calendars as gifts or for personal use.
  • Easy-to-edit templates with space for adding favorite images.
  • Helps customers stay organized while showcasing their photography.

A template for photographers to create professional pricing guides for their services.

Price Range: $15-$30

Format: DOCX and PDF files

Etsy Tag: PricingGuideTemplate

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves photographers time in creating a polished and informative pricing guide.
  • Allows customization to reflect individual pricing and services.
  • Helps photographers present their offerings in a clear and professional manner.

A comprehensive posing guide for newborn photographers to achieve adorable and safe poses.

Price Range: $20-$35 Format:

PDF Etsy Tag: NewbornPosingGuide

Why People Buy This:

  • Helps photographers create heartwarming and professionally posed newborn portraits.
  • Offers safety tips and guidelines for handling newborns during photoshoots.
  • Saves time and effort in experimenting with poses.

An online course that teaches photo editing techniques using popular software like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Price Range: $50-$100

Format: Access to a private online course platform

Etsy Tag: PhotoEditingCourse

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides a structured and guided learning experience to improve photo editing skills.
  • Allows self-paced learning with lifetime access to course materials.
  • Helps photographers achieve the desired look in their images.

Personalized photo album templates and design services to create stunning albums for clients.

Price Range: $40-$100 (depending on customization level)

Format: JPEG, PSD, and PDF files

Etsy Tag: PhotoAlbumDesign

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves photographers time in creating beautiful photo albums for their clients.
  • Offers customization options to suit each client’s preferences and event themes.
  • Provides professional and visually appealing layouts.

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