Here are 10 online side hustles that carpenters and woodworkers can explore to supplement their income and showcase their skills:

Create an online store where you sell handcrafted furniture pieces, such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. Showcase your craftsmanship and offer customization options to attract customers.

Share your expertise by creating online tutorials and courses that teach woodworking techniques, woodworking projects, or specialized skills like wood carving or joinery. You can host these courses on platforms like Udemy or create your own website.

Offer custom woodworking services online, where customers can request personalized pieces or customized modifications to existing furniture. Build a portfolio to showcase your previous work and provide quotes based on specific customer requirements.

Start a YouTube channel dedicated to woodworking, where you share project tutorials, woodworking tips, tool reviews, and techniques. Monetize your channel through ads, sponsorships, or by promoting your own woodworking products.

Create an online community or forum where woodworking enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, ask questions, and showcase their projects. Generate revenue through membership fees, sponsored content, or advertising.

Open an Etsy store and sell small wooden crafts such as cutting boards, coasters, decorative items, or personalized wooden gifts. Take high-quality product photos and optimize your listings to attract customers.

Start a woodworking blog where you share tutorials, project ideas, woodworking tips, and industry insights. Monetize your blog through ads, sponsored content, or by promoting woodworking-related products.

Create an online store that specializes in selling woodworking supplies and tools. Offer a wide range of products, provide detailed descriptions, and include helpful guides or tutorials to assist customers in their purchasing decisions

Offer virtual consultations and advice to clients looking for woodworking guidance. Provide recommendations on project plans, tool selection, or troubleshooting woodworking issues through video calls or messaging platforms.

Leverage platforms like Instagram or TikTok to showcase your woodworking skills, share behind-the-scenes footage, and engage with a woodworking community. Collaborate with brands or offer sponsored content to monetize your influence.


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