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As a wedding planner, you can explore various digital product ideas to sell on Etsy that cater to engaged couples, brides, and anyone involved in wedding preparations. Here are ten best-selling digital products on Etsy that you can consider

A comprehensive set of printable worksheets, checklists, and timelines to help couples plan their wedding efficiently.

Price Range: $15-$30

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: WeddingPlanningPrintables

Why People Buy This:

  • Helps couples stay organized during the wedding planning process.
  • Provides a clear roadmap for tasks and deadlines.
  • Can be customized to match the couple’s preferences and style.

Beautifully designed editable wedding invitation templates in various themes and styles.

Price Range: $10-$20

Format: PDF, JPG, or PSD

Etsy Tag: WeddingInvites

Why People Buy This:

  • Allows couples to save money on custom invitations.
  • Provides flexibility to personalize the invites with their details.
  • Offers a wide selection of designs to match any wedding theme.

Printable and customizable seating chart templates to help couples arrange their guests’ seating efficiently.

Price Range: $8-$18

Format: PDF, JPG, or Excel

Etsy Tag: SeatingChartPrintables

Why People Buy This:

  • Simplifies the seating arrangement process for couples.
  • Can be easily adjusted and reprinted if changes are needed.
  • Helps create a visually appealing seating display for the reception.

A step-by-step guide and template for writing heartfelt wedding vows.

Price Range: $9-$15

Format: PDF or Word

Etsy Tag: WeddingVowGuide

Why People Buy This:

  • Assists couples in expressing their love and commitment through personalized vows.
  • Reduces stress and writer’s block during the vow-writing process.
  • Ensures that the vows are meaningful and memorable.

A comprehensive budgeting spreadsheet to help couples manage their wedding expenses.

Price Range: $12-$20

Format: Excel or Google Sheets

Etsy Tag: WeddingBudgetTool

Why People Buy This:

  • Keeps track of expenses and prevents overspending.
  • Provides a clear overview of costs and allocations.
  • Allows easy adjustments for any budget changes.

Elegant and customizable thank-you card templates for post-wedding gratitude.

Price Range: $8-$15

Format: PDF, JPG, or PSD

Etsy Tag: WeddingThankYouCards

Why People Buy This:

  • Saves time and effort in creating personalized thank-you cards.
  • Ensures a consistent and polished design for all cards.
  • Allows couples to show appreciation to their guests in a meaningful way.

A detailed timeline and itinerary template for the wedding day.

Price Range: $10-$18

Format: PDF or Word

Etsy Tag: WeddingItinerary

Why People Buy This:

  • Keeps everyone involved in the wedding informed about the schedule.
  • Reduces confusion and ensures smooth coordination.
  • Acts as a reference for vendors, the bridal party, and guests.

Fun and printable photo booth props for guests to use during the reception.

Price Range: $5-$12

Format: PDF

Etsy Tag: WeddingProps

Why People Buy This:

  • Adds entertainment and excitement to the wedding reception.
  • Allows guests to create memorable and funny pictures.
  • Works as party favors and mementos for guests to take home.

Printable banners, signs, and decor items for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Price Range: $7-$20

Format: PDF or JPG

Etsy Tag: WeddingDecorPrintables

Why People Buy This:

  • Offers affordable and customizable decor options.
  • Helps create a cohesive and personalized wedding atmosphere.
  • Can be used for other wedding-related events like engagement parties or bridal showers.

Digital templates for creative and unique wedding guest book alternatives.

Price Range: $10-$25

Format: PDF or JPG

Etsy Tag: WeddingGuestBookIdeas

Why People Buy This:

  • Provides alternatives to traditional guest books, making the wedding more memorable.
  • Allows customization to match the couple’s theme and interests.
  • Offers various options like fingerprint trees, advice cards, or polaroid stations.

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