World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day is a celebration of emojis that takes place annually on July 17th. It is a day dedicated to the small digital icons that have become an integral part of our communication in the digital age. Emojis are used to express emotions, ideas, and convey messages in a fun and visual way.

World Emoji Day was first established by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, in 2014. The date, July 17th, was chosen because it is the date displayed on the “calendar” emoji on most platforms.

The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use and understanding of emojis as a universal language that transcends borders and cultural barriers. It is a lighthearted and fun celebration that involves various activities and events both online and offline.

On World Emoji Day, people often engage in activities such as:

1. Emoji-themed parties or gatherings: People may organize parties or get-togethers where attendees dress up as their favorite emojis or bring emoji-themed decorations.

2. Emoji-related contests and challenges: Online platforms and social media channels often host contests and challenges where participants can showcase their creativity using emojis.

3. Emoji art and storytelling: Some people create artwork or stories using only emojis, demonstrating the versatility of these tiny pictograms.

4. Emoji-related promotions and releases: Companies and brands may release special emoji-themed products or promotions to coincide with the celebration.

5. Emoji history and trivia: People might share interesting facts and trivia about emojis, their origins, and their impact on modern communication.

6. Emoji-themed social media campaigns: Various social media platforms and organizations initiate campaigns or hashtags to encourage users to share their favorite emojis or stories related to them.

Remember, these activities may vary each year, depending on the initiatives and events organized by individuals, communities, and organizations to commemorate World Emoji Day.


Celebrating World Emoji Day can be a fun and engaging way for businesses to connect with their audience and showcase their brand personality. Here are some ideas on how businesses can celebrate World Emoji Day:

1. Emoji-themed social media campaign: Create a social media campaign centered around emojis. Encourage your followers to share their favorite emojis, emoji stories, or ask them to create captions using emojis. You can create a unique hashtag for your campaign and offer prizes or discounts to participants.

2. Emoji-inspired content: Develop content that incorporates emojis. You can create blog posts, videos, or infographics that highlight the impact of emojis on communication or share tips on how to effectively use emojis in digital marketing. This can help your audience relate to your brand and increase engagement.

3. Emoji merchandise or giveaways: Design and produce merchandise featuring popular emojis or your own branded emojis. You can offer these as giveaways or limited-time promotional items to your customers or social media followers. This can help create brand visibility and foster customer loyalty.

4. Emoji-themed contests: Organize emoji-themed contests where participants have to solve puzzles, guess the meaning of emoji combinations, or come up with creative emoji combinations related to your brand. Offer prizes to the winners, such as discounts, free products, or exclusive offers.

5. Emoji-inspired email marketing: Create an email marketing campaign around World Emoji Day. Use emojis in subject lines, content, and calls to action to make your emails more engaging and visually appealing. You can also include special offers or promotions exclusive to your email subscribers.

6. Collaborate with influencers: Partner with social media influencers who have a significant following and are known for their creative use of emojis. They can create content, share emoji-related stories, or host giveaways on your behalf to reach a wider audience.

7. Emoji-themed product launches: If you are planning to release new products or services, consider incorporating emojis in the product names, packaging, or promotional materials. This can create buzz and intrigue among your target audience.

Remember to align your emoji-related activities with your brand identity and target audience. Keep the tone fun, light-hearted, and relevant to your business. By embracing World Emoji Day, you can connect with your customers on a more personal level and showcase your brand’s creativity and engagement.


Here are 10 post ideas for businesses to celebrate World Emoji Day on social media:

1. Emoji Quiz: Create a fun emoji quiz where you post a series of emojis and ask your followers to guess the movie, song, or brand they represent. Offer a prize to the first person who guesses correctly.

2. Emoji Story: Share a short story or a funny anecdote using only emojis. Ask your followers to decode the story and leave their interpretations in the comments.

3. Emoji-inspired Product Showcase: Feature your products or services and pair them with emojis that represent their key features or benefits. This can be a creative way to highlight your offerings and engage your audience.

4. Emoji Caption Contest: Post an emoji picture or a photo of your product and ask your followers to come up with the best caption using emojis. Choose a winner based on the most creative or humorous entry.

5. Emoji Trivia: Share interesting trivia about emojis, such as the most popular emoji worldwide or the emoji that took the longest to become widely adopted. Encourage your followers to share their own emoji-related trivia in the comments.

6. Emoji Challenge: Challenge your followers to use a specific set of emojis to describe a particular situation or emotion. For example, ask them to use emojis to depict their Monday morning mood. Share your favorite entries and encourage others to participate.

7. Emoji Art Showcase: Showcase artwork or illustrations created using emojis. You can collaborate with artists or invite your followers to submit their own emoji art. Feature the best submissions and credit the artists.

8. Emoji Poll: Create a poll using emojis to gather opinions or preferences from your followers. For example, you could ask them to choose their favorite food emoji or vote for the emoji that best represents their weekend plans.

9. Emoji-inspired Recipe: Share a fun recipe or snack idea where each step or ingredient is represented by emojis. Encourage your followers to try it out and share their results.

10. Emoji Appreciation Post: Post a heartfelt message expressing your love for emojis and their role in digital communication. Encourage your followers to share their favorite emojis or stories about how emojis have enhanced their conversations.

Remember to use relevant hashtags such as #WorldEmojiDay, #Emojis, or #EmojiChallenge to reach a wider audience and generate more engagement.


Here are 10 hashtags you can use for World Emoji Day on social media:

1. #WorldEmojiDay: The official hashtag for the celebration of World Emoji Day.

2. #Emojis: A general hashtag related to emojis, often used for sharing emoji-related content.

3. #EmojiDay: A variation of the official hashtag, commonly used to mark posts specifically for World Emoji Day.

4. #Emojilove: Show your love for emojis and spread the enthusiasm on World Emoji Day.

5. #EmojisAreFun: Highlight the fun and enjoyment of using emojis in your social media posts.

6. #EmojisEverywhere: Emphasize the ubiquity and widespread use of emojis in digital communication.

7. #ExpressWithEmojis: Encourage people to express themselves using emojis and share their favorite emoji combinations.

8. #EmojiArt: For posts that feature or celebrate artistic creations made with emojis.

9. #DigitalCommunication: Connect the celebration of World Emoji Day to the broader theme of digital communication and its impact on our lives.

10. #EmojisInBusiness: Showcase how emojis can be effectively used in marketing, branding, and communication strategies for businesses.

Remember to research and use popular and relevant hashtags that align with your content to reach a larger audience and increase the visibility of your World Emoji Day posts.

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