International Left-Handers Day

International Left-Handers Day is a holiday celebrated annually on August 13th. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the unique challenges and experiences of left-handed individuals. This day aims to promote equal rights and opportunities for left-handed people in a predominantly right-handed world.

International Left-Handers Day was first observed in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell, founder of the Left-Handers International, Inc. The organization advocates for the needs and interests of left-handed individuals worldwide. Since then, the holiday has gained recognition and is now celebrated in many countries around the world.

On this day, various activities and events take place to celebrate left-handedness. Some people organize gatherings or parties specifically for left-handed individuals. These events often include games, sports, and other activities that highlight left-handed skills and abilities.

Additionally, International Left-Handers Day serves as an opportunity to educate the public about the challenges faced by left-handed people. It aims to dispel common misconceptions and stereotypes associated with left-handedness and promote a more inclusive society.

Overall, International Left-Handers Day is a fun and informative holiday that celebrates the uniqueness of left-handed individuals and promotes awareness and understanding of their experiences.


Celebrating International Left-Handers Day in businesses can be a great way to show support for left-handed employees and raise awareness about their needs and experiences. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this day in the workplace:

1. Organize a Left-Handed Appreciation Day: Designate a specific day or week leading up to August 13th as Left-Handed Appreciation Day. During this time, you can highlight the achievements and contributions of left-handed employees. Share their stories, acknowledge their unique talents, and encourage others to appreciate their skills.

2. Create a Left-Handed Workspace: Consider setting up a designated left-handed workstation or area in the office. Provide left-handed tools and equipment such as left-handed scissors, keyboards, and computer mice. This gesture shows inclusivity and consideration for the comfort of left-handed employees.

3. Conduct Awareness Training: Use International Left-Handers Day as an opportunity to educate employees about left-handedness, its challenges, and how to create an inclusive environment. Offer training sessions or workshops that address common misconceptions, provide tips for accommodating left-handed individuals, and foster understanding among all staff members.

4. Share Left-Handed Facts and Trivia: Share interesting facts, trivia, or statistics about left-handedness through email newsletters, social media posts, or internal communications. This can help raise awareness and generate conversations around the topic.

5. Celebrate Left-Handed Success Stories: Highlight the achievements of famous left-handed individuals in your industry or field. Share their stories and accomplishments with your employees through presentations, videos, or blog posts. This can inspire and motivate left-handed employees and foster a sense of pride in their identity.

6. Social Media Campaign: Create a social media campaign around International Left-Handers Day. Encourage employees to share their experiences, stories, or photos related to left-handedness using a specific hashtag. This can help create a sense of community within the organization and also reach a wider audience.

7. Support Left-Handed Causes: Consider partnering with left-handed organizations or charities and organize fundraising events or donation drives to support their initiatives. This can be a meaningful way to give back and show solidarity with the left-handed community.

Remember, the key is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for left-handed employees. By celebrating International Left-Handers Day in your business, you can promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the unique experiences of left-handed individuals.


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Remember to use the hashtag #LeftHandersDay in your posts to join the global conversation and celebrate the international community of left-handers.


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