National Daiquiri Day

National Daiquiri Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States on July 19th each year. It is a day dedicated to the popular cocktail known as the daiquiri. The daiquiri is a refreshing mixed drink that typically consists of rum, lime juice, and sugar or simple syrup.

On National Daiquiri Day, people often gather at bars, restaurants, or host their own parties to enjoy and celebrate this tropical beverage. Some establishments may offer special discounts or promotions on daiquiris, encouraging people to indulge in this delicious drink.

If you’re planning to celebrate National Daiquiri Day, you can prepare your own daiquiris at home by following a recipe or visit a local bar or restaurant that specializes in cocktails. It’s a great opportunity to explore different variations of daiquiris, such as strawberry, mango, or coconut-flavored ones.

Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the holiday responsibly. Cheers to National Daiquiri Day!


If you’re a business looking to celebrate National Daiquiri Day, here are some ideas to engage your customers and create a memorable experience:

1. Special Daiquiri Menu: Create a special daiquiri menu featuring different flavors and variations. Experiment with unique ingredients and offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to cater to a wider audience.

2. Happy Hour Promotions: Extend your happy hour or create exclusive discounts and promotions specifically for National Daiquiri Day. Offer discounted prices on daiquiris during certain hours to attract more customers.

3. Mixology Classes: Organize mixology classes or workshops where customers can learn to make their own daiquiris. Provide them with the necessary ingredients, tools, and guidance from an expert mixologist.

4. Themed Decorations: Decorate your establishment with a tropical theme, incorporating elements like beach umbrellas, palm trees, and colorful decorations. Create an ambiance that enhances the daiquiri-drinking experience.

5. Social Media Contests: Run contests or giveaways on social media platforms where participants can win gift cards or free daiquiris. Encourage customers to share their favorite daiquiri photos or stories using a specific hashtag to generate buzz and increase brand visibility.

6. Live Music or DJs: Hire live bands or DJs to perform at your venue, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Music that complements the tropical theme will further enhance the daiquiri celebration.

7. Collaborations: Partner with local distilleries, fruit suppliers, or other businesses to create unique collaborations. For example, feature daiquiris made with local ingredients or offer discounts at partnering establishments.

8. Daiquiri Tastings: Host daiquiri tastings where customers can sample a variety of flavors and provide feedback. This can be a fun and interactive way to engage with your customers and gather valuable insights.

9. Charity Fundraisers: Consider donating a portion of the proceeds from daiquiri sales on National Daiquiri Day to a charitable cause. Promote the fundraiser to encourage customers to participate while enjoying their favorite cocktails.

10. Signature Daiquiri: Create a signature daiquiri exclusively for National Daiquiri Day, incorporating unique flavors or ingredients that represent your business or locality. This can become a recurring tradition that customers look forward to each year.

Remember to adhere to all local laws and regulations regarding alcohol service and ensure the responsible consumption of daiquiris throughout the celebration.


If you’re looking for post ideas to celebrate National Daiquiri Day on social media, here are ten suggestions:

1. “Raise a glass and join us in celebrating National Daiquiri Day! Tag a friend you’d love to enjoy a refreshing daiquiri with.”

2. “It’s National Daiquiri Day! Our mixologists have crafted some irresistible daiquiri specials just for you. Come in and sip on your favorite flavor!”

3. “Did you know the classic daiquiri is made with rum, lime juice, and sugar? Share your favorite twist on this timeless cocktail in the comments below.”

4. “Happy National Daiquiri Day! We’re bringing the tropical vibes to our bar today. Show us your best beach-themed outfit or share a throwback vacation photo.”

5. “Calling all daiquiri enthusiasts! Share a photo of your homemade daiquiri creation using #DaiquiriDayDelight. We can’t wait to see your mixology skills!”

6. “Cheers to National Daiquiri Day! Take a moment to relax, unwind, and enjoy the delightful flavors of our handcrafted daiquiris. Which flavor is your go-to?”

7. “We’re raising a glass to all the amazing bartenders who have perfected the art of making daiquiris. Tag your favorite bartender and let them know they’re appreciated!”

8. “It’s National Daiquiri Day, and we’re serving up a taste of paradise. Join us for a live virtual mixology class as our expert bartender demonstrates how to make a perfect daiquiri. Don’t miss out!”

9. “We’re celebrating National Daiquiri Day with a special offer! Flash this post at our bar today and get a buy-one-get-one-free deal on all daiquiris. Tag a friend to spread the word!”

10. “On this National Daiquiri Day, we’re raising awareness about responsible drinking. Enjoy your daiquiris in moderation and always designate a driver or use a ride-sharing service. Your safety matters to us!”

Remember to use eye-catching visuals, engage with your audience in the comments, and include relevant hashtags to maximize the reach and engagement of your posts.


Here are ten hashtags you can use to celebrate National Daiquiri Day:

1. #NationalDaiquiriDay
2. #DaiquiriDay
3. #DaiquiriLove
4. #DaiquiriTime
5. #DaiquiriDelight
6. #SipAndCelebrate
7. #TropicalTreats
8. #CheersToDaiquiris
9. #MixologyMagic
10. #RefreshingCocktails

Remember to use these hashtags in your social media posts to join the conversation and increase the visibility of your National Daiquiri Day content.

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