National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day is an observance celebrated on August 17th each year in the United States. It is a day dedicated to recognizing and honoring the contributions of nonprofit organizations in the country. Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing various social, environmental, and humanitarian issues and are driven by a mission to make a positive impact on society.

On National Nonprofit Day, people are encouraged to support and appreciate the work of nonprofits. This can be done by volunteering at a nonprofit organization, making a donation, or spreading awareness about their causes. It’s also a time to recognize the individuals and teams behind these organizations who work tirelessly to make a difference in people’s lives.

The day serves as a reminder of the importance of philanthropy, community service, and the power of collective action. It’s an opportunity to highlight the achievements and impact of nonprofit organizations and inspire others to get involved in their communities.

Whether it’s providing aid to those in need, advocating for important causes, or promoting education and healthcare, nonprofit organizations contribute significantly to the betterment of society. National Nonprofit Day serves as a platform to acknowledge their efforts and encourage continued support for their endeavors.


Celebrating National Nonprofit Day as a business is a wonderful way to show your support for the nonprofit sector and engage your employees in meaningful activities. Here are some suggestions on how your business can celebrate National Nonprofit Day:

1. Volunteer as a team: Encourage your employees to spend the day volunteering at a local nonprofit organization. Coordinate with the organization in advance to identify any specific needs or projects where your team can contribute their time and skills.

2. Donation drives: Organize a donation drive within your company to collect essential items or funds for a nonprofit organization. Choose a cause that aligns with your company’s values, such as collecting food for a local food bank or gathering school supplies for underprivileged students.

3. Skills-based volunteering: Many nonprofit organizations require specialized skills, such as marketing, design, or IT. Offer your employees the opportunity to utilize their expertise by volunteering their professional services to help a nonprofit with specific projects or campaigns.

4. Employee giving programs: Establish or promote an employee giving program that allows your staff to make regular or one-time donations to nonprofit organizations. You can offer donation matching programs, where the company matches the contributions made by employees to amplify their impact.

5. Host a fundraiser or charity event: Plan a charity event or fundraiser within your company to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. It could be a fun run, a bake sale, a silent auction, or any creative activity that engages employees and encourages them to contribute.

6. Spread awareness: Use your company’s social media platforms, newsletter, or website to raise awareness about National Nonprofit Day and share information about the work of nonprofit organizations. Highlight a different nonprofit each day leading up to the holiday and explain how they are making a difference in the community.

7. Corporate partnerships: Explore opportunities to establish partnerships with nonprofit organizations. This can involve financial support, pro bono services, or collaborations on specific projects or campaigns. Engage in long-term relationships that align with your business’s values and goals.

Remember, celebrating National Nonprofit Day is not just about one day of action but also about creating a lasting impact. Encourage ongoing involvement and support for nonprofit organizations throughout the year. By engaging your employees and using your business resources, you can make a meaningful difference in your community and help build a better society.


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10. 🤲 Thankful for Nonprofits: Today, we express our gratitude to all the nonprofits that work tirelessly to create a better world. Share your appreciation by thanking a nonprofit that has touched your life or your community. Let’s spread love and appreciation! #ThankfulThursday #NationalNonprofitDay


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