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3 Things You Need to Know before Studying in Calgary 2023

If location plays important role in your education, Calgary should be on the top of the list. As the biggest city in Alberta, it becomes a home for more than 1.3 million people coming from around 200 different ethnics. It also has affordable cost of living, compared to other cities in North America.

1. Education System

The education system in Calgary provides world-class choices to meet student needs of all ages. There are Board of Education, Catholic System, Charter and Private Schools, Child Care and Preschools and Post-secondary education. Since Calgary is where you can find the world’s biggest companies in oil, gas and agricultural, programs like engineering, logistics and agricultural are on high demand. There are also other options such as nursing, economics, marketing, business and psychology.

2. Leisure Activities

When it comes to activities, you can find many choices indoor and outdoor. Take for example Fish Creek, Bowmont Park, Trampoline Centre, Bolder Climbing Centre and Laser Tag and Gaming Cafes.

3. Notable alumni who took education in Calgary

The next thing you want to check is possibly the notable alumni who took education in colleges or universities in Calgary. Their names can be attractive inspiration to lead your feet to one institution. Here are some examples for you:

  • Bret Sergeant Hart a.k.a. Bret Hitman Hart: a former professional wrestler
  • James Gosling a.k.a. Dr Java: the founder and designer of Java programming language
  • Tate McRae: singer and dancer

Top 10 Calgary Univercity

In Calgary, there are several reputable universities. While the city is home to two major universities, the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University, I’ll provide information on the top 10 universities in Alberta, which includes the two Calgary-based institutions. Please note that rankings can vary depending on different sources and criteria. Here are the top 10 universities in Alberta, including the ones in Calgary, along with some details about each:

1. University of Alberta (UofA):

– Location: Edmonton
– Overview: The UofA is the largest and oldest university in Alberta, offering a comprehensive range of programs across various disciplines. It is recognized for its research initiatives, including areas such as energy, health sciences, and engineering.

2. University of Calgary (UofC):

– Location: Calgary
– Overview: UofC is a leading research-intensive university known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various faculties, including arts, science, engineering, business, and medicine.

3. University of Lethbridge (UofL):

– Location: Lethbridge
– Overview: UofL is a comprehensive university that emphasizes liberal education and research. It offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, with particular strengths in arts, sciences, education, management, and health sciences.

4. Mount Royal University (MRU):

– Location: Calgary
– Overview: MRU is a primarily undergraduate university that provides a diverse range of programs, including arts, business, communications, health, and science. It focuses on a personalized education experience and offers small class sizes.

5. Athabasca University (AU):

– Location: Athabasca (Open and online university)
– Overview: AU is a renowned distance education institution that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs through online and distance learning. It provides flexible options for students who prefer self-paced study.

6. Grant MacEwan University:

– Location: Edmonton
– Overview: Grant MacEwan University is a comprehensive undergraduate institution offering programs in arts, science, nursing, business, and other fields. It focuses on providing a supportive learning environment and hands-on experience.

7. Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts):

– Location: Calgary
– Overview: AUArts is a specialized university dedicated to art, design, and digital media education. It offers programs in disciplines such as fine arts, media arts, design, crafts, and more.

8. Ambrose University:

– Location: Calgary
– Overview: Ambrose University is a Christian liberal arts university that offers undergraduate programs in arts, business, education, and ministry. It emphasizes a strong sense of community and a holistic approach to education.

9. Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE):

– Location: Edmonton
– Overview: CUE is a smaller university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, science, management, and education. It focuses on providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

10. Keyano College:

– Location: Fort McMurray
– Overview: Keyano College is a comprehensive community college offering a variety of diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs. It provides a range of applied learning opportunities and industry-relevant training.

These universities and colleges contribute significantly to Alberta’s educational landscape, offering a wide array of programs and opportunities for students. It’s worth noting that the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary are often regarded as the top choices for research-intensive and comprehensive education, respectively, in the province.



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