Studying in Toronto

Why You Have to Consider Studying in Toronto 2023

As the largest city in Canada and becoming the business hub of the country, Toronto offers plenty job opportunities, for both local and international students. It is a home of some world-known universities and colleges. It makes sense then if education sector invests the highest yearly contribution in the city’s economic, around $7.2B.

1. Variety of ethnic groups in Toronto

The city of Toronto also becomes a melting pot for various ethnic groups, including English, Indians, Chinese, German, Polish and so on. That is why you can enjoy the unique diversity offered in foods, arts, festivals and businesses.

2. Education System in Toronto

The education system in Toronto is formed in high standards. As over 1/3 of populations are immigrants, schools and universities mostly teach in English. There are even available language course and support programs for those who have low skills in speaking English or French. But to enter the schools for a long term, foreign students must first earn a study visa in Canada which allows them to work without additional permit.

3. Famous people who studied in Toronto

  • Rachel McAdams: a Canadian actress known for her role in Mean Girls, The Notebook and The Vow
  • Donald Sutherland: a senior actor who has spent more than 6 decades starring films and shows. Some of his best-known movies are The Hunger Games, Pride & Prejudice, Cold Mountain and Ordinary People.
  • John Tory: current Mayor of Toronto since December 1st 2014.
  • Eugene Levy: a senior actor, film producer and writer who is known for his role in American Pie series and Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

University of Toronto

Top 10 Toronto University

Here are the top 10 universities in Toronto, Canada, along with some details about each institution:

1. University of Toronto:

– Established in 1827, it is Canada’s largest university.
– It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines.
– Known for its research output and academic excellence, it consistently ranks among the top universities globally.

2. York University:

– Founded in 1959, it is the third-largest university in Canada.
– York University offers a diverse range of programs in liberal arts, sciences, engineering, business, and more.
– It is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education and strong community engagement.

3. Ryerson University:

– Established in 1948, it is located in the heart of downtown Toronto.
– Ryerson University focuses on career-oriented education and offers programs in business, engineering, media, and design.
– It has a reputation for its strong connections to industry and hands-on learning opportunities.

4. OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design University):

– Founded in 1876, it is Canada’s largest and oldest art and design university.
– OCAD University offers programs in art, design, and digital media, fostering creativity and innovation.
– It has a vibrant arts community and provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and studios.

5. University of Guelph – Humber:

– A partnership between the University of Guelph and Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.
– It offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical education in fields such as business, media, and justice studies.
– The University of Guelph – Humber provides a collaborative and hands-on learning experience.

6. Trent University – Durham GTA:

– Located in Oshawa, Ontario, it is a satellite campus of Trent University.
– Trent University – Durham GTA offers a range of undergraduate programs in the arts, sciences, and business.
– The campus provides a close-knit community and personalized learning environment.

7. George Brown College:

– Though not a traditional university, George Brown College is a leading college in Toronto.
– It offers a broad range of programs in areas such as business, culinary arts, health sciences, and technology.
– George Brown College is known for its industry-focused curriculum and strong partnerships with employers.

8. Seneca College:

– Another prominent college in Toronto, Seneca College offers a variety of programs, including diploma, degree, and graduate certificate programs.
– It focuses on applied learning and provides students with practical skills to succeed in their chosen fields.
– Seneca College has multiple campuses across the Greater Toronto Area.

9. Centennial College:

– Centennial College is a large college offering a wide range of programs and courses.
– It has several campuses in Toronto and offers programs in business, engineering, health sciences, media, and more.
– The college emphasizes experiential learning and provides students with opportunities for real-world application of their skills.

10. Sheridan College:

– Although located in nearby Oakville, Sheridan College has a significant presence in Toronto.
– It offers programs in arts, animation, design, business, and technology.
– Sheridan College is known for its strong ties to the entertainment industry and has a renowned animation program.

These are the top 10 universities and colleges in Toronto, each with its unique focus and strengths in providing quality education and training.

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